Other Activities

MSc and PhD supervision

I supervise MSc and PhD candidates. I also examine MSc projects.
  • C. Kollsgård (PhD candidate)
  • Stine Olsen (PhD candidate)
  • Max Weber (PhD candidate)
  • O. Bautista (PhD candidate)
  • Sindre Rein (MSc candidate, finished 2020)
  • Akos Kiss (MSc candidate, finished 2019)
  • Vayianna Makri (MSc intern, finished 2019)
  • Kristine Strømme (MSc examination, 2019)


I review manuscripts and give recommendation to the Editor of international peer-reviewed journals.
  • AAPG Bulletin – Tarim Basin, China
  • AAPG Bulletin – Songliao Basin, China
  • AAPG Bulletin – Petroleum Geology, USA
  • Marine Geology – Gulf of Alaska, USA
  • Marine Geology – Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
  • Marine Geology – Offshore Japan
  • Geological Society, Special Publications – Barents Sea, Norway
  • Boreas – Home Bay, eastern Arctic Canada
  • Basin Research – Barents Sea, Norway
  • International Journal of Earth Sciences – Hungarian Basin

Conference chairing/convening

I chair or convene scientific conferences/workshops/seminars.
  • Invited Talks to Imperial College London (2022), Royal Holloway (2022)
  • Invited Talk to Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea (April, 2021)
  • Session chair for the 34th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting (Oslo, January 2020)
  • Leader for ARCEx workshop in numerical modelling (Tromsø, April 2019)
  • Judges for Talk and Poster presentation at the AMGG annual meeting (Nov, 2019)
  • Invited Talk for Schlumberger technical sharing session (Webinar, 2018)
  • Invited Talk at Arctic Conference (Lofoten, 2017)
  • Student volunteer SEG Houston (2009)


I disseminate my research to broader community.
  • Multi-disciplinary collaborations to write a paper as a contribution to Indonesian oil and gas society. “Towards Achieving Indonesia’s Oil Production Target of 1 MMBOPD by 2030: An Outlook from IATMI Norway”, 2021. https://doi.org/10.2118/205753-MS
  • “Petroleum exploration in Norway in a nutshell”, a public webinar for Indonesia hosted by HAGI, 2021
  • “Geoscience education system in Norway”, webinar for potential master student hosted by ISPG, 2018
  • “Petroleum management in Norway: lessons learned for Indonesia?”, a poster contribution to Nordic Baltic Indonesian Scholar, 2016
  • “Geofiesta”. I was the leader for social activity to introduce geohazard tsunami mitigation to the local society in Pelabuhan Ratu, Indonesia, 2009.