GL3210 Advanced Sedimentology, Royal Holloway University of London

I taught a module about “Source-to-sink analysis” in this course led by Prof. Domenico Chiarella

GEO-8123 Integrated Geology and Geophysics, UiT

I taught a module on optimising seismic technology calibrated with well-logs data to understand the subsurface development in this course led by Dr. Andreia Plaza-Faverola.

GEO-3112 Sedimentary processes & products, UiT

This course was coordinated by Asoc. Prof. Sten-Andreas Grundvåg. I taught a module on shelf, slope to deep-water system in terms of their sedimentary environments and processes involved. This course included lectures, core logging session, field work and modelling.

GEO-8123 Workshop in seismic stratigraphy, UiT

I taught the concept of seismic stratigraphy & seismic geomorphology and their application in the industry. This course included practical exercises on seismic interpretation.

GEO-8144 Cruise with RV Helmer Hansen

I taught students on how to collect and interpret various marine geology (e.g. shallow sediment cores, grab samples) and geophysical data (multibeam, chirp, seismic) on a research vessel. The collected data were used for master projects or future research.

GEOV-260 Pet. Geology, UiB (2012)

I worked with Prof. Rob Gawthorpe and assisted the students in practical class on how to work on seismic interpretation, well correlation, log analysis based on examples from real case study.